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Sunday, March 29, 2009

My experience during taking these test : listening, speaking and writting test

on 15, 16 and 17 March 2009, i had to take middle semester examination for my listening, speaking and writting skills. On listening test day, im feel comfortable with myself and i remember with what miss Syaz told us to focus because if not, we will encounter the problems to listen properly what speakers said. During answering the question, i jotted down the clue for answering the question and luckily what im jotted down i can answer all the question....but for the real answer...is up to scheme.

Next skills that had be test to us was speaking test. I know myself better so i know i can speak well because im feel nervous when someone watching me speaking while giving mark to me. During the test day, i had to wait Abu, and lilo's group to settle their speaking test first. i feel boring and quite nervous when waiting for tem, so what i do to calm down was listen to the music. in the examination hall(classroom) we all get the topic infant deaths in nursery and ways to overcome the situation. i had to be candidate 4 and my point was goverment should be stricter to give license for opening nursery. At that time, im fell i don't know what to say about the point. i look up the other point that my friends get and i think that..Oh my god..all these was in my mind to speak but it will be other candidate point. I had try my best during that test, and finally what we can conclude about the promblems...we will bring it to the next session..

the last test was writting skills, and i read all the note that i jotted down during class, i also think i had write the best article that i wrote during the examination. Today, on 29th March 2009, i realized that i had mistaken wrote miss Syaz name...Sorry miss...wont happen again.. i promise..and i know my marks will be deducted...

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  1. You made it :) Hope you'll get my name correctly spelt during your final exam if you don't want to lose more marks..Good luck!