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Sunday, March 29, 2009

My experience during taking these test : listening, speaking and writting test

on 15, 16 and 17 March 2009, i had to take middle semester examination for my listening, speaking and writting skills. On listening test day, im feel comfortable with myself and i remember with what miss Syaz told us to focus because if not, we will encounter the problems to listen properly what speakers said. During answering the question, i jotted down the clue for answering the question and luckily what im jotted down i can answer all the question....but for the real answer...is up to scheme.

Next skills that had be test to us was speaking test. I know myself better so i know i can speak well because im feel nervous when someone watching me speaking while giving mark to me. During the test day, i had to wait Abu, and lilo's group to settle their speaking test first. i feel boring and quite nervous when waiting for tem, so what i do to calm down was listen to the music. in the examination hall(classroom) we all get the topic infant deaths in nursery and ways to overcome the situation. i had to be candidate 4 and my point was goverment should be stricter to give license for opening nursery. At that time, im fell i don't know what to say about the point. i look up the other point that my friends get and i think that..Oh my god..all these was in my mind to speak but it will be other candidate point. I had try my best during that test, and finally what we can conclude about the promblems...we will bring it to the next session..

the last test was writting skills, and i read all the note that i jotted down during class, i also think i had write the best article that i wrote during the examination. Today, on 29th March 2009, i realized that i had mistaken wrote miss Syaz name...Sorry miss...wont happen again.. i promise..and i know my marks will be deducted...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

the women that i dream........

hahaha.......dream girl!!!!!!such a fantasy if i got that women....when talk about her im fell energetic, im feel happy, motivate..that girl can give me new inspiration. She is lovely person, good looking and i know i have to compete with another guy to get her. When i look at her picture i can focus on study...how become her 'aura' become so strong to me???hehehe...thats why i always remind of her when im study...the truth is i've never meet her and talked with her but i always uptodate about what she doing. i always have sent a letter to know more about her., but i little bit of upset because she didin't reply me yet..who do you thinks about this girl??i tell it ok.. he is EMMA WATSON...she is always ion my heart!!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The best things happen in my life..

everybody have a memorable thing that happen in their life. So am i. The best things that happen in my life is when i was at secondary school. My school held a competition among form 4 student about project science. there are catagorized in 3 parts which are biology, physics and chemistry. my best friends and i had took part in chemistry part. What we were doing was make the highligther becomes preserve. We was success to proved the used of carboxylic acid as the preservative agent so we can keeps the longer quality article when we write it. The competition was won by us so makes me vey happy because all reserach, energy and times was successul. Altough, we we compete in international level and we lost but for me that makes me more copetative person.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What i would like to change about myself

Everybody will make mistakes. I also had done too many mistakes to my family, friends, teacher and lecture and to animals as well. Although it is embarassed to say so but i make me fell better. I would like to change all my bad attitude. My most bad attitude is hot temper. I always easy to get mad if someone pulling my leg so badly. I think i have should be more sporting and enjoy all jokes with my friends not blame to them. if my friends is reading it now, i want to say im so sorry. I dont meant to do that.Next, my bad attitude is always being late to class, if its early its only on time. It is not a personality of success student. Come late to class will make lecture mad at me, so i will change it. i will try my best to wake up early in the morning and come to class early so it will be more responsible to myself. The last think i want to change to myself is my appearance. I'm not like a stylish guy which know a lot thinks about fashion. I'm always wearing clothing so i seem 'sempoi'. To me, appearance need to be perfect because if i look smart and neat, i look more confidence to myself. There are more that i want to change about myself, but nobody perfect and we have admit person disadvantages.

Friday, January 30, 2009

what i am doing when holiday...

Holiday!!!!!such a wonderful week for me to rest. Still i had many things that i've done this holiday..let me tell you..I comin back to my hometown on Friday which is 23th January.It is coincidence because that day was my mom birthday. So mybeloved sister and i had plan to susprise my mother. What we do were bought cake and a bouquet of flower plus some card that my sister made special to my mom. It was wonderful things to do to our parent. On saturday, there was no plan at all. What im doing just watching television and palying video games. What i can say it was Boooringggg!!!That night my father said to me to pack things to go to K.Lumpur...Whoa!!!That what i said holiday...my family and i went to K.Lumpur because sum of my father friends are chinese and they invited us to their house for celebrating Chinese New Year,but only the open house.Yayy!!i got 7 angpow from my father friends..the sumof the 7 angpow..let be secret..that night my mom recieved call from my aunt said that my grandmother had sent to the the hospital. We were shocked. My father immediately asked us for packed things again and go to my mother hometown at ipoh. At 11.30pm we went to ipoh and arrived at 2 am.Whoa..im so tired that day and sleepy...Yawn!!we want togo to the hospital that night but my aunt said that better to go when morning.My grandmother had to do operation because of....the women things.The operation start at 2.40pm 27 january and finished 1 hour and 17 minutes later. My grandmother condition was fine so we were not worried about it too much. My family and i had to go back to Kuantan because my parent need to work again. 28th January, and i had still not do my assignment.Oh no!!! There were many things to do.So i started with my chemistry report. the report only finished this day 30th January the same day that i post this blog. Next mornung i have to go back to Dungun. Goodbye holiday!!!hye assignment!!! i still enjoy my assignment...hope my holiday can be always meaningful to me..